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Wolverine "Wash Day" Toys Bundle - 1930's Sunny Suzy Washer, 1940’s – 1950’s Sunny Suzy Toy Iron with Original Cord

Spring Cleaning!

1940’s – 1950’s Wolverine Sunny Suzy Toy Iron  with Original Cord 

Measures:  6” long, 3.25” tall, 3” wide

It’s red!  The shape of this iron reminds me of the cars of the same era, it even has a tail fin!  The original cloth covered cord is still attached, it has faded but I don’t see any fraying.  The iron has some scuffs and scrapes to the paint and scratches on the flat of the iron which means it saw plenty of pretend play!  While the cord is in place and without apparent damage, I don’t recommend use.  The Wolverine Toy Company was started in 1903 by Benjamin Bain in Pittsburgh, PA.  “Boy’s” toys featured “Sandy Andy” and “Girl’s” toys featured “Sunny Suzy”. 

1930's Wolverine Sunny Suzy Washer

Measures:  9.5” tall, washer is 7” across, 4” deep

This little washer has done more than a few loads of dolly clothes!  The washer has amazing “wash” action – when the handle is turned the “agitators” go up and down and round and round!  It would have originally had a wringer attached to the side, sadly this has gone missing through the years.  The attachment is still there, just in case a wringer was to ever be found!  There are scuffs to the paint and some surface rust which may be removable with steel wool.  It also has a rather jaunty tilt to one side – I bet big brother got hold of it….. ;-) The wooden handles at the top and on the crank are in place with the wonderful sea green paint.  An adorable addition to a toy collection, laundry room, sewing room or a unique gift for a bridal or baby shower!


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