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I’m a native Mainer and I absolutely love traveling around our state. I enjoy all that Maine has to offer from the mountains to the sea.
There was never a time when I wasn’t fascinated with vintage items and history in general. I enjoy and can’t resist a good museum, antiques shop or flea market. As a child and into my late teens I would wander for hours through the “Historical House” located in the small town where I grew up. I would conjure stories for each room and the pieces in them. I felt oddly at home and comfortable in that old house. I became one of the youngest volunteers for the historical society.
So, you can imagine my pure delight when I was approached one July day to wear a Victorian era dress for a brochure photo. I believe I was about 12 years old. The dress was decadent – buttery yellow with yards of white lace. It was heavenly. And heavy. And hot. And itchy. How did those ladies manage the perspiration situation?? I remember wishing fervently that the photographer would just hurry up while I tried really hard not to sweat! I must admit that experience gave me an even greater appreciation for how people lived in the past and how they managed to make do with what they had.
I journey off at least once a week for a day trip adventure. The inventory will be refreshed frequently with quality items which I carefully choose myself. I hope you enjoy browsing the Shop Shelves at Day Trip Treasures, please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or requests you may have. Thank you!