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Antique Wall Shelf, Spool Holder with 6 Spools of Silk Thread

Measures:  12” tall, 9” wide, 3” deep

A great addition to a sewing room!  This shelf was hand crafted, apparently from a crate of some sort.  The back panel is embossed with lettering.  The paint on the front has “alligatored” with age due to a varnished finish.  The back is not varnished but is painted.  This was common practice, only put the final finish on the parts that will be visible!  The spindles to hold the thread are all solidly in place.  Most of the 6 spools of silk are new and unused.  All are on wooden spools.  There is one area of slight damage on one side of the shelf as pictured.  This does not affect the stability of the piece.


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