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Vintage Small Edouard Artzner Foie Gras Truffle Terrine

Measures:  3” tall, 3.5” wide

This is an adorable little terrine with so many uses!  Buttons, rings, earrings, paperclips – this piece will add a little charm wherever you put it!  It originally held Foie Gras truffles, I am estimating that it dates to midcentury but could be much earlier, I wasn't able to find another like it for comparison.  It is from France.  There are lion heads on the sides of the terrine, there are no chips or cracks but there is one area on the inside as shown in the photo which I think was a result of the manufacturing process.  These must have been very dear and a real treat as the terrine is quite petite and wouldn’t have held many truffles!


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