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Vintage Sewing Kit, Art Deco Style and Hand Blocked Paper Lacquered Box

Measures:  Sewing Kit – 4” x 2.5”, Box – 4.75” wide, 1.5” tall

The sewing kit has a great Art Deco design, this is one of the clues that lead me to believe it dates to the 1930’s.  The other clue is the beveled, slightly smoky mirror at the back.  This certainly has some age on it in the form of crazing lines but no chips or cracks.  Included are 3 celluloid thread winders, 3 vintage safety pins, a pair of small scissors marked “Germany”, and a needle and a pin stuck into the flannel next to the mirror.  The snap closure works well. 

The box may have been part of an exhibit, there is a typed label on the bottom reading “Hand Blocked Paper Lacquered Box” and it is signed “Theodora”.  The box is very well made, it is sturdy and there are no areas of damage.  It is lined with a nice quality fabric.  I believe this may also be from the Art Deco period.


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