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Vintage Rustic Kitchen Enamelware Combo

Measures:  Large bowl – 12” across top, 6” deep, Small bowl – 7.25” across top, 3” deep, Spatula – 12.5” long, Scoop – 7.5” long

I put this combo together over a couple weeks, they just seemed to match up so well!  The bowls are enamelware, approximately 1940’s.  Both the ¼ cup scoop and the spatula are A&J Co. of Binghamton, NY and date to around the same era as the bowls. The scoop does have some discoloration and pitting on the metal.  There is some chipping of the enamel on the bowls, to be expected with age and use.  The paint on the handles of the scoop and spatula is chippy as well.  All of this ads to the rustic charm and the story of each piece!


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