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Vintage Mid Century Singer Sewing Basket

Measures:  5” tall, 7” wide, 7” deep, Handle is 6” tall

I would say that this sewing basket is right out of the 1960’s!  The colors certainly fit the era!  This basket is in wonderful condition.  The basket itself is made of woven ropes so that it has the appearance of wicker.  The top is a colorful tapestry of flowers with gilt thread woven throughout.  The clasp is in place and works well as do the hinges on the cover.  The inside features a light pumpkin color satin-like material.  The inside top is a pincushion, and the bottom has plenty of room for supplies and notions.  The handle is firmly attached and swings easily in both directions.  It is perfect for taking your stitching with you in Vintage Style!


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