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Victorian Photo Album with Red Velvet and Celluloid Decoration, Full of Photos

Measures:  16” long, 7.5” wide, 2.5” deep

There are 64 photos in this amazing old album.  All of them are cabinet photos, 6.5” X 4.25”.   15 are babies or small children, one is a family of 6!  And they are very close in age!  There is one photo of a couple in which I’m pretty sure the lady has passed away.  The Victorians often took death photos to memorialize the dead. While this may seem morbid and just weird to us, it was perfectly normal to them and gave them comfort.

 The album was once a vibrant red velvet, most of the velvet has worn away with time and the celluloid flowers on the cover have lost some petals.  The binding is very tender and has come away.  This is an impressive piece of history, worthy of display.  And what fun to attempt some research on the photos!  A lot of them are marked with the photographer’s studio, most were in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.  I have had this album for a while now, I have enjoyed looking at it and trying to guess the stories that go with the people! 


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