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Victorian Era Woven Hair Jewelry, Watch Fob with Gold Plated Accents and Polished Stone or Glass Bead

Measures:  Approx. 11” long

A rare find! This piece is in excellent condition, there is some very minor fraying near the clasp, and the gold accents show signs of use as would be expected. The gold has highly detailed, engraved decorations and black enamel which offsets the gold nicely.  There is a stunning bead in the middle.  This is either a polished stone or a hand-crafted glass bead, it is perfect and has no damage. The clasp works well.  The toggle would have been worn through a buttonhole and the pocket watch attached to the clasp and put into a pocket. This was likely made to be worn in memoriam of a loved one.  With an extension chain, this could be worn as a necklace.   The fine weaving is incredible on this piece!


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