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Victorian Era Walnut Thimble Purse with Sterling Silver Stern Bros Thimble, Size 8

This walnut “thimble purse” was probably made as a gift.  Crafting items like this was considered an acceptable pastime for ladies in the past centuries.  Gifts were not usually used for practical purposes as the sentimental value was more important than the need for use.  That it has survived for at least 130 years is amazing!  The walnut is whole though there is one small, stable crack as shown in the photo.  The fabric has no tears or holes.  The silk ribbon does have some damage, this is to be expected for the age.  The thimble is Stern Bros, dating to the same era.  There are no punctures, and it is not out of round.  This purse is very delicate and would be best for display.


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