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Late 1800's Thread Sample and Sale Box

Measures:  4.5” tall, 17.5” wide, 12” deep

This very sturdily built old thread box was meant for showing samples and making sales.  The thread was a machine twist, the colors available are listed on the individual compartments on the top tray.  The bottom of the box was (I’m assuming) for orders and money.  The slots on the bottom are labeled: American, French, English, German, Spanish and United States Paper Currency.  Overall, the box is in very good condition, the top tray has one slot that has a split in the wood as shown in the photos.  The edges are dovetailed, the hook and eye latches work well, there is a key but no lock in place.  The knob on the cover is porcelain.  The top reads “Oneida Community Combined Case and Sample Card Machine Twist”.  Around the porcelain knob there is a patent date, which I believe reads: “Pat’d Nov. 9 1869”, this is not clearly visible.  There are so many possible uses for this old thread box, from storage to display – it certainly is unique!

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