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Victorian Era Mother of Pearl Etui Kit, Joseph Rodgers & Sons

Measures:  7” X 4”

This very interesting kit originated in Sheffield, England.  The leather-bound box is stamped “Joseph Rodgers & Sons Cutlers to Her Majesty Corporate Mark, 6 Norfolk St Sheffield”.  The box is made of wood, covered in leather and lined with a sumptuous deep purple velvet.  The leather is coming away from the box, but the velvet is in surprisingly good condition.  The hinges work well, and the latch is intact and functional.  All of the tools are present.  There is a corkscrew, a boot hook, a pair of tweezers, 2 small hooks (as for crochet?) and one item that I believe was a stiletto but looks like it has been damaged at the end.  Please see the photos.  The mother of pearl handles are all in very good condition.  I don’t see a silver mark on the items.  This company was founded in 1724 and was renowned for producing the finest quality items in Sheffield.


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