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Victorian Era Collar Box with New Old Stock Cuffs and Collars

Measures:  6” tall, 8” wide, 7.5” deep

The box is made of burled wood with gilt metal decoration on the outside, the clasp works fine.  The inside is a stunning deep pink silk.  There are very few signs of use on the outside of the box, the corners are a bit scuffed and there is a scratch here and there.  The silk inside is torn where the cuff circle is attached, otherwise it seems fine.  The Dante paper cuffs are in the original box with the license stamp still attached.  The Elmwood collars are also in the original box with license stamp attached.  Removable, disposable cuffs and collars were a very practical solution to both laundry and mending!  And they were invented by a woman in 1827!  Hannah Lord Montague of Troy, New York decided that a changeable collar would solve the problems of wear and soil.  These cuffs and collars were stock at an old General Store here in Maine that hadn’t been open for about 100 years!


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