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Victorian Era Brass Walnut Thimble Holder with Sterling Silver Thimble

Measures:  1.75” long

I believe this thimble holder was once a part of a chatelaine.  The hook and loop are in place for this.  The outside of the walnut looks and feels very realistic!  The hinge works well, the walnut clicks shut nicely.  The inside is a peach colored silk, this has become a bit soiled through years of use.  There are no tears or pulls in the lining.  The thimble is sterling silver, it appears there was once a hallmark in the top of the thimble, but it has mostly worn away.  The thimble is engraved “A.J.” and is a size 7.  It is a bit out of round but there are no punctures.  The thimble dates to the same era as the walnut, likely late 1800’s. 


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