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The Original Knox Fluting Iron, Pat 1877 & 1880

Measures:  8.5” tall, 9” wide, 6.5” deep

It was all the rage back in the day to have “fluted” trim on your outfits!  There were several ways to achieve this look and this little machine was one of them.  The brass rollers are hollow allowing for heated rods to be inserted.  Susan R Knox invented this machine and secured 2 patents on it, the first July 5, 1877, and a reissue April 26, 1880.  I have tried this iron out on a piece of paper as shown in the photos – it works!  There are several videos online that give good histories and instructions for use of this machine.  Susan R Knox, what a girl boss!  Her first patent was actually granted in 1866 and it was for a similar fluting iron.  And by the way, there were men who tried to steal her patented ideas and she sued them – and won!!!!  She was not someone to be trifled with!  To say that this iron is sturdily built is an understatement.  It is super heavy, that’s probably to keep it steady on the table, there is also a clamp to assist with stability.  There is whimsical pin striping on the iron and Susan’s (coyrighted!) portrait sits directly beneath the rollers.  This would make a great display piece and it can still be used to “flute” your material or paper!


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