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Set of 8 Victorian Sewing Items, Carved Bone and Gold Plated

This is an interesting group!  It includes 3 carved bone needle cases, all in very good condition.  There are 2 carved bone stilettos, one large and one small. There is a tiny knife and a tool with a miniscule hook at the end, both of these have carved bone handles and metal ends.  And then there is the gold ear spoon….  So, what does this have to do with sewing?  Well, back in the day, thread worked better with a wax coating.  Usually, bees wax was used but any wax would do, including ear wax.  Hence, the ear spoon.  These were often included in sewing kits from the Victorian era.  This one has a tiny spoon on one end and a very sharp implement on the other end.  According to my research this was (ahem) a toothpick. :-)


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