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Mid to Late 1800’s Sewing Box, Burled Wood

Measures:  7” tall, 7” wide, 5” deep

This sewing box has a secret drawer!  I didn’t notice it until I was handling it and heard something moving as I turned it over.  There are a few areas of wear on the sides of the drawer – please see the photos.  There are also a couple of chips in the corners of the top tier.  All of the bone eyelets are in place, the top lifts off, the spool holders are in place with wooden spools included.  The pin cushion had been replaced when I got it, but I made a new one with antique silk velvet that had been used on a quilt.  I hand stitched it so that it would be more authentic to the period of the piece.  There are little feet on the bottom, these are whole and without damage.   There is a carved hole in the bottom, I believe someone put a string underneath the drawer and threaded it through the hole to ease opening of the secret drawer!  It is possible that the wood used to make this sewing box is mahogany, this is only an educated guess based on my research! 

*Sewing Box only is included in sale, other items are my photo helpers :-)


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