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Mid Century Pin Cushions, Pin Keeps, Spool Holder – Set of 2

Measures:  Larger – 1.75” tall, 2.75” across.  Smaller – 1” tall, 2” across

These looked like they belonged together!  The larger of the two has 7 spools of mending silk inside.  The label on the bottom reads “Collingbourne's Pure Silk for Mending and Darning”.  It doesn’t appear that any of the thread has been used.  The pin cushion does have signs of use, the velvet is intact though a bit faded.  The outside of this one features very pretty embossing of the metal.  The smaller of the two is largely unadorned, it is marked “Made in Occupied Japan” dating it to 1945-1952.  The pin cushion is more vibrant but does have some wear and pin holes.


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