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Mid 1800’s Hand Crafted Folding Wall Shelf with Smoky Mirror

Measures:  16” tall, 10” at widest point, shelf is 5” deep, mirror is 4” x 2.5”

This beautiful old wall shelf was handcrafted and carved likely around the mid 1800’s, perhaps earlier. The shelf is hinged as is the bracket to support the shelf. This folds flat, maybe for travel?  The folding and unfolding of the shelf is made evident by the marks on the underside of the shelf. The beveled mirror is an amazing survivor! It is smokey and lined with age. However, there are no cracks or breaks. There are two areas of repaired damage to the wood on the bottom right of the shelf. These are pictured.  While this antique wall shelf is in good condition, it is delicate.  I recommend displaying it as a decorative piece rather than an item for everyday use.


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