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Lot of Tiny Oddities! 1894 Waterbury Clock, 2 1850’s Miniature Books, 2 1870’s Tintypes of Boy and Girl, 4 Tiny Keys

Measures:  Books – 3” x 2.25”, Clock – 2” tall, Tintypes – 1”, Keys – Approx. 1.5” long

Oh, the books!  “The Offering” contains beautiful words about flowers, bouquets and love.  It is dated in the front, 1852.  The covering is cloth, the pages are edged in gilt, though this has faded with time.  There is a handwritten inscription in the front: “Flowers of True Friendship Never Fade, Annie Miles, Newburg, Maine”.  The book is showing signs of its age and the pages are quite delicate, but all are there.

“Friendship’s Jewel” is a tiny book of poetry and one of the authors is Maine’s own Longfellow!  It was published in 1851, this is noted in the front pages.  There is a handwritten inscription in the most exquisite penmanship: “Mrs. Stella Miles, Newburgh, Maine 1875”.  The back cover has a child's handwriting: “Annie Miles Forrest Smith.”  I’m guessing that Annie was Stella’s daughter!  This book is in good condition for the year, it has gilt edged pages and is covered with cloth. 

Both of these books are rather rare.

The clock was made by Waterbury Clock Company.  It does work.  The latest patent date is May 29, 1894.  There are 2 tiny feet on the bottom – so cute!  It looks like there was a handle on the top which is now missing.  The company was founded in 1857 and was in business until 1944.  Interesting fact:  The company made it through the Great Depression with the introduction and production of the Mickey Mouse wristwatch which was a great hit!

The tintypes are of a boy and a girl, they truly remind me of Pugsley and Wednesday Addams!  These are tiny photos; they may have been intended to fit in a locket.  Perhaps the girl is Annie Miles! 

The tiny keys may be for jewelry or document boxes or winding clocks. 

All of these items were found together at an estate auction here in Maine.


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