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Late 1800’s Milk Glass Dish and 2 Victorian Era Calling Cards

As these items were found together leading me to believe that this beautiful piece of milk glass was meant to be a calling card dish! It has a whimisical boarder of hearts, there are no chips or cracks.  It measures 6” across.

Also included are 2 Victorian Era calling cards.  Calling cards reached their heyday in the Gilded Age of the late 1800’s.  It was common practice, especially among the upper classes to leave a calling card when visiting someone, either at home or the workplace.  These cards are delicate and amazingly detailed.  The colored part lifts to reveal the name of the caller.  The larger card has a silver boarder.  I love the poem on the smaller card: “Love and peace an endless store be thy lot forevermore”.  A timeless sentiment!


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