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Late 1800’s Mauchline Ware Sewing Kit, “Interior Magnesia Springs, Sharon Springs, NY”

Measures:  4” tall

I’ve never seen a piece of Mauchline Ware featuring an interior!  This one has a beautiful photo of the interior of the Magnesia Temple in Sharon Springs, NY, built in 1863 by H.J. Bang who also created a park around the spring.  The temple furnished refreshing, medicinal magnesia water which sprouted from twin lion head fountains.  The temple is apparently still in existence, but the fountains no longer work.  Now, on to the sewing kit….  This piece is shaped like a bottle, perhaps in honor of the magnesia water?  Inside is an interesting thimble and a wooden spool with white and black thread.  The thimble looks like it could be sterling but as I can’t find a hallmark, I can’t say for sure that it is.  It has a shield on one side, this could be engraved.  There are no punctures and it is not out of round.  This entire piece is in remarkable condition, it has been well cared for!


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