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Late 1800’s Mauchline Ware Leporello Album of Glasgow

Measures:  5”x3”

Leporello:  Printed material folded into an accordion pleat style.  I just learned this!  So, at first I thought this little book had damage to the binding on the inside.  Then I realized that the entire contents folds out into one long display of prints!  The prints are all the sights and attractions you would have seen had you visited Glasgow in the, say 1870’s.  Probably they are all there today, but the scenery is likely much different!  There are no chips or cracks in this album and the prints are in excellent condition!  It’s like taking a trip back in time!

Mauchline Ware is so named because it was produced in or near a small town called Mauchline in Scotland.  It is made of sycamore wood and often had transfer photos of popular tourist destinations.  It was produced from the mid 1800’s until 1933 when the last Mauchline Ware factory was destroyed by fire. 


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