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Late 1800’s – Early 1900’s Walnut Shell Pincushion with Theorem Painting

Measures:  1.75” X 2”

During the Victorian Era, shells (sea and nut) were popular materials used for needlework tools including pincushions.  Because they were made from natural objects, this means that no two are alike!  This particular pincushion is made from a walnut shell and has a velvet pillow between the halves.  The trim around the edges of the shell is a green velvet ribbon.  The cushion is “theorem painted”.  This is a technique that originated in China in the 1700’s and made its way to England and the United States.  It is a type of painting that uses oil paints on velvet and stencils to create the design.  The design here is a flower and 3 blueberries (a popular Maine fruit!).  The pincushion and walnut appear to be in very good condition, there are no tears in the velvet and no cracks or chips in the walnut.  There is some discoloration due to age on the velvet but the painting is highly visible and beautiful! 


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