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Late 1800’s – Early 1900’s Leather Collar Box with Dog Decoration

Measures:  5” tall, 5” wide

How cool is this old collar box??  The dog on top is made of leather and with such detail, you can feel his wrinkly ears!  The interior is lined with silk, there is no damage in the box itself, there are a few areas of wear on the inside of the cover as shown in the photos.  The outside shows expected signs of use and wear.  There are no collars in the box, but here’s a bit of collar history:  No surprise, the detachable shirt collar was invented by a housewife!  In 1827, Hannah Lord Montague of Troy, New York decided that a changeable collar would solve the problems of wear and soil on collars.  Sewing shirts was expensive and time consuming, the collars often needed to be redone after wearing.  Celluloid collars were invented in 1870 and used into the 1900’s.  They were very uncomfortable to wear but did present a neat appearance. 


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