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Late 1800’s – Early 1900’s 2 Tier Handmade Sewing Box

Measures:  6” tall, 7” wide, 5” deep

This sewing box was lovingly hand crafted many years ago, perhaps for a betrothed, a wife or a mother.  The top tier features a light green velvet pincushion, which I believe is original.  Inside the top tier there are 4 wooden dowels for holding spools.  The eyelets are carved bovine bone, oddly there are 5 eyelets and only 4 spool holders!  The drawer is nicely made with reinforced corners, the wooden knob is in place and is firmly attached.  All of the finials are in place and without damage as are the feet.  There is one crack, as pictured on the left side in front.  There could be a hair line crack in the bottom as well, I have tried to picture the area.  The top fits on very snugly and should be removed carefully.  All of the spools are included with the box as they were found together, and I suspect have been together for many years!

*The sewing box only is included; other items may be for sale in the Shop :-)


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