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Lady’s Porcelain Shoe and 1912 Christmas Postcard

I found these two in separate antique shops, but don’t they go well together?  The shoe is a project in the making – it could be a pincushion, it’s perfect for a tiny flower arrangement, or to hold a few candies!  The shoe has gilt decoration and is a “Souvenir of Lynn Mass.”  The bottom is stamped “Made in Germany”.  I believe this is pre WWII, probably dating to the 1920’s – 1930’s.  There are 2 cracks near the back of the shoe, please see photos.  They are stable and don’t seem to be overly noticeable or bothersome.  The postcard is beautiful, the oval where the poinsettias are feels like fabric!  It is heavily embossed and very colorful.  It is postmarked Dec 18 1912, Oakland, Cal. and is addressed to Cornville, Maine – a small town about 15 minutes from the Shop!


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