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Early Shaker Oval Box, Small with Shell Buttons

Measures:  1.5” tall, 4” wide

First of all, this is NOT a LeHay’s Shaker Box!  Rob cleaned this one up a bit, but he didn’t construct it.  This box was most likely made at Sabbath Day Lake, the Shaker Village here in Maine.  It is very early, perhaps mid to late 1800’s.  Rob assures me that it is genuine, we found it at an estate sale where almost everything came out of an untouched General Store dating as far back as the 1860’s.  He believes it may have been painted a few years after it was made, this is the original paint that was used.  There is no damage to the box, it has survived the years very well.  It is filled with shell buttons, most likely from about the same era as the box.

*Box and buttons only included in sale, other items are my photo helpers :-)


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