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Early 1910’s – 1920’s Portrait Pin, Double Sided with Swivel

Measures:  Approx. 1.5”

I believe this is silver plate.  The photos on this pin are clear, you can see the details in the faces, hair and clothing.  I can’t quite decide if these are sisters, mother and daughter or perhaps the same girl at different ages.  Their eyes tell me they are related for sure.  The little girl is almost certainly from an affluent family.  She is wearing earrings and quite a set of pearls around her neck!  The older girl looks like a ‘20’s flapper with short hair, headband and sailor collar.  This could very well be mourning jewelry. The pin appears to be silver plated with a brass ring around the photo of the older girl.  The pin and clasp work fine.  The swivel mechanism works well.  The pin has a bend in it, this was worn often.


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