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Early 1900’s Sewing Box

Measures:  4” tall, 13” wide, 9” deep

The patina on this old sewing box is amazing!  It is a dark, solid hardwood.  The inside holds a nice surprise under the cover!  Where there was likely once a mirror, there is now a school picture that dates to the early 1900’s, no later than the 1920’s for sure.  The top tray has 6 compartments.  One is lined with green silk velvet (there may have been a pin cushion here originally), there is a thimble tray lined in red velvet.  The top tray lifts out, the bottom is usable space for larger items.  The top cover has a couple of splits on either side, please see the photos.  There is a lock but no key.  This is perfect to organize sewing items and it can be carried room to room!

*Sewing box only included in sale, other items are my photo helpers :-)


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