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Civil War Era Photo Album, with Photos and Tintypes, Leather with Brass Clasps, Including Wedding Photo of Tom Thumb

Measures: 6” tall, 5” wide, 3” thick

This piece has been especially interesting and fun to work with!  Included are a total of 45 photos, 5 of these are tin types.   One of the photos is the wedding party of Charles Stratton and his wife, Lavinia, married in 1863.  Charles Stratton is better known as “General Tom Thumb”.  The back of the photo is signed – I have pictured this.  I believe there are a few copies of this photo, but it is a rare find.  Another rare find within these pages is a “Hidden Mother” tintype.  The photographer would put a blanket over the mother, and she would hold the baby for the photo, trying to give the appearance of a neutral background!  It looks rather ghostly though!  The photo of the little girl and her doll is special in that it indicates the family was likely well to do, having money for nice clothing, a doll (with shoes!) and a professional photo!  I especially like the one of the little girl and who I assume is her grandmother.  There is a story with each photo, and they are all interesting, I pictured as many as possible.  The album itself is unique in that the brass clasps are in place and work well.  The leather cover is in very good condition for the age.  The binding is tender in the back of the album, perhaps this could be repaired?  Based on the clothing and several other clues, I would date this album to the mid 1800’s.


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