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Back to School in the 1800’s!

Set Includes:   Eagle Pencil Box

                        Gladiator Series Nickeloid Pen Nibs, New and Unopened!

                        Box of Rewards of Merit with Pencil

                        4 Esterbrook Wooden Dip Fountain Pens, without Nibs

                        2 Packages Notepaper, Elko Mills and Narragansett – New and Unopened!

More from the estate auction at the General Store here in Maine!  Apparently, a close relation was a schoolteacher in a neighboring town in the late 1800’s so I suspect that some of this was hers and some was stock from the General Store.  The pencil box has wonderful graphics but is missing one “door”.  Still a great display piece!  The wooden fountain pens don’t have the nibs but perhaps these could be replaced?  The notepaper and the Gladiator pen nibs are new and unopened.  The Rewards of Merit are in great condition, the wrapper for the cards is torn but the cards are fine. Some of the smaller rewards have writing on the back but are otherwise undamaged.  A great gift for your favorite vintage loving teacher or student!


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