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Antique Wooden Cayenne Pepper Box, East India Company

Measures:  5” tall, 13” long, 7.5” deep

The patina on this old pepper box is what made me bring it home!  I found this at an antique show on the coast of Maine.  I believe it dates back to the 1800’s but as my research hasn’t turned up another like it, this is an educated guess!  The corners are all finger jointed, the original snipe hinges are in place, though a bit loose.  The wording on the front of the box is fading but clearly states this was Cayenne.  Beneath that, East India Company can be seen.  Inside the box features a lithograph of a bird building a nest, I don’t believe that this is original to the box, but it is beautiful, nonetheless.  There is also some writing in pencil on the inside cover.  One end of the box is stamped with the number 2 and East India Company Cayenne. 


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