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Antique Wooden Carpenter’s Scribes, Set of 3

Measures:  11” long, 9” long, 7.5” long

I would say these scribes span a number of years.  The earliest ones have wooden screws for adjustment probably dating to the 1800’s.  The scribe with brass adjustment screw, rule and top plate probably dates to the early 1900’s.  Scribes were used by carpenters to mark wood, there is a tiny sharp pin located on one end that scratches the wood.  The largest scribe has “Ezra Russell” carved into one side.  Since I found these all together on the Maine coast, I did a little research and did find an Ezra Russell from that area, born 1813, died 1911.  Maybe the older 2 scribes were his!  The scribe with brass has the initials “JPR” carved into it, perhaps a relative of Ezra’s?  These would make a happy addition to a tool collection!


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