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Antique Spool Box

Measures:  4” tall, 5” wide

This old spool box has the perfect patina!  While most of the round spool boxes we see are made of turned wood, this one is bent wood – similar to Rob’s Shaker boxes!  This box would have been soaked in water and bent around a mold, the overlapping seam was then held together with an adhesive.  There are tiny holes drilled all the way round the box for the thread to come through.  Inside are 8 metal spool holders.  The thread is included, 2 cottons and 2 silks on wooden spools.  There is one small crack near the top of the box at the overlap.  Please see photo.  The top fits nicely in place.  I don’t believe the lithograph in the top is original to the piece, however, it is very old as well.  There is a stamp on the inside cover, it is not easy to read, I can see Co. but the rest is very faded.  I would estimate that this dates to the 1860’s – 1870’s.


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