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Antique Rosewood and Silk Velvet Pin Cushion, Hat Pin Cushion

Measures:  7” wide, 3.5” tall, 5.25” deep

I’m told this pin cushion was made from an 18th century tea caddy, likely in the late 1800’s.  The wood is rosewood, the pin cushion top is silk velvet.  The color is a vibrant blue with very little fade.  The heart shaped feet are a more modern addition.  There is one area of damage near the bottom, I have photographed this, there is also a small crack on the opposite side near the bottom.  The two pins were with the item and will be included.  Though it is a combination of eras, it is very pretty and could be used for display of vintage hat pins or in a sewing room!

*Pin cushion and pins included in sale, other items are my photo helpers :-)


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