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Antique Lantern, Tiny Bellows and 1930’s Christmas Stocking

Measures:  Lantern – 9” tall, Bellows – 6.5” long, 3” tall, Stocking – 23” long

I put this group together with the holidays in mind!  The lantern has great chippy red paint, the chimney has no chips or cracks.  The knob to adjust the wick works and the wick is in place!  The bellows are the smallest I have ever seen – I wonder what they were used for?  They have been used, the leather shows sign of use with folds and cracks – there are no holes.  The leather is attached with tiny tacks, all are in place.  The stocking has no holes or pulls.  The loop to hang it is not torn.  This dates to about the 1930’s.  This stocking is optimistic that Santa will be generous!  It is long and stretchy!


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