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Antique Hand Made Dovetailed Sewing Box with Contents, Box needs repair

Measures:  4.75” tall, 12.5” wide, 10” deep

I left everything in this box just as it was when I found it.  It felt like it needed to stay together. The box does need to be repaired, the hinges have come away but are still there and the screws to attach are in the bag with the buttons that were in the box.  The box was obviously hand made years ago, it is lined with old wallpaper.  Some of this has torn on the cover.  There is a strip of leather on the inside of the cover, probably for holding scissors etc.  The wallpaper in the bottom has worn away in places and has a few spots.  There is an old envelope included which helps to give an approximation of the age of the piece.  It is postmarked Sep 23, 1916!  Also included:

1 brass buckle, Patented 12.15.08

Several pieces of crocheted lace, one piece is part of a bralette I believe

1 tiny lidded container

1 piece of cloth, an example of the fabric of the day


11 wooden spools of vintage thread, some silks

1 skein darning cotton


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