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Antique Bobbin Lace Roller Pillow Stand with Attached Storage Box

Measures:  19” tall, 8” wide, 7.5” deep, storage box:  3” tall, 8” wide, 4.5” deep

Dating to the 1800’s, this unique piece was used for making lace.  The roller pillow is mounted between two spindles, there is a storage box attached to the base to store bobbins, thread, and pins.  As you can see, this is a large piece!  The woodwork is in good condition with the usual and expected signs of use.  There is a crack on one side of the base.  The box is in excellent condition with the original hinges in place.  The original roller pillow has seen a lot of use!  There is staining and 2 small tears in the fabric.  The cover of the pillow is hand stitched.  It is coming away on one end.  The roller turns easily.  There is one crack on the base of one spindle, this does not affect the sturdiness of the piece.  There are several very informative instructional videos online for making lace, I was curious to find out just how it was done!

*Book is pictured to illustrate size!


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