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1910 Sterling Silver Crisford & Norris Chatelaine/Small Hand Mirror

Measures:  3.25” long

So, this was fun to research!  This super cute little mirror was made in Birmingham, England by Crisford & Norris in 1910.  It is 92.5% pure silver.  And this is how we know all that:  The maker’s mark C&N stands for Crisford & Norris (mark registered in 1898), the anchor is the mark for Birmingham, England, the lion indicates sterling or 92.5% silver and the letter “n” tells us that it was made in 1910!  These marks all appear on the back of the mirror.  The mirror is in very good condition, there are a few signs of use – a couple of small dents and some scuffs but barely noticeable and these only serve to add character and story to the piece!  The mirror glass is clear and highly reflective.  There is a loop on the handle which may have been hooked to a chatelaine.  This would be a nice addition to a collection but would also fit nicely into a handbag or even on a necklace for everyday use!

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