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19th Century Sewing Box, Spool Holder

Measures:  11.5” tall, 10” wide, 6.5” deep

This sewing box has that dark Victorian varnish finish that was so popular at the time.  There is also a bit of red finish in the area of the spool holders.  This sewing box was almost certainly homemade, there are what looks to be pieces of a wooden cigar box in the bottom!  At the time, people used what they had on hand and made the best of it.  I’m sure this was a gift for a very special lady! And there will never be another exactly like it! There are 7 spool holders with corresponding holes to put the thread through.  There is a pin catch drawer beneath the spool holders.  There is one corner that has been chipped, I have pictured this.  One side of the drawer has had a well-done repair that is now barely noticeable.  There is also a split on the back which has also been nicely repaired.  I would estimate that the date of this sewing box is around the 1880’s.

*Sewing box only is included in the sale, all other items are my photo helpers :-)


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