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1981-1986 Pyrex “Shenandoah” 4 Piece Cinderella Style Mixing Bowls (441-444)

Bowl sizes:  4qt, 2 1/2 qt, 1 1/2 qt, and 1 1/2 pt.

The Shenandoah pattern was one of the last patterns to be released before production on the opal Pyrex ceased.  And since it was one of the last patterns, it is one of the lesser-known patterns.  Production halted in 1986.  The bowls are a soft yellow with a “wintergreen” floral pattern.  The smaller 2 of the bowls have wear apparent on the finish, I have tried to photo this.  The second smallest has the most wear.  The larger 2 are in very good condition.  This is the full set as would have been sold around 40 years ago.  These would be a fantastic bridal shower/wedding gift!


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