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1960’s Toy Sewing Machine in Carry Case

Measures:  Carry case – 5” X 7” X 7”.  Sewing machine – 6.5” X 4”

This little sewing machine could run on batteries or could be hand cranked, a brilliant idea!  It is built into its own carry case with a nice handle attached.  There is some damage on one corner of the case and some of the paper covering is coming away in places.  The latch is a tiny bit off but does work once it is lined up.  The sewing machine is metal, the crank is plastic.  The letters “GBC” and “Japan” are on the needle plate. There is a needle in place.  The machine flips up for use, it used to rest on a crosspiece which is in the case but need to be attached if it were to be displayed.  The crank turns part way round and the motor makes a little “rrrrrrr” when this is done but I don’t believe it is functional anymore.  This would be for display only, but what a cool step back to the ‘60’s toy department! 


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