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1960’s Pelican Cooler

Measures 11.5” tall x 6.75” across bottom, capacity is 1/2 gallon

Who’s looking forward to a picnic??  How about a retro picnic?  This Pelican Cooler is just what is needed for the occasion!  It is dressed in vibrant green and white plaid, has wonderful graphics of the pelican himself and green snakeskin at the top and bottom for the perfect ‘60’s vibe.  The yellow and red top screws on and off easily, the red stopper just lifts out and there is a pour spout.  This cooler is made with a half-gallon Atlas Mason glass jar wrapped in insulation inside the metal case.  Now, I’m very particular about “smells” – and there is no sour, moldy or mildewy smell in this cooler.  I would recommend a thorough wash by hand and air dry before use, I have done this once, but it doesn’t hurt to repeat! The cooler was Made in USA by Poloron Products Inc. New Rochelle NY.


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