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1950’s Bell Sewing Machine with Original Case, Attachments and Accessories

Measures:  Machine – 9” long, 7” tall, 3” wide

I absolutely love that this little 1950’s sewing machine is the color of the fabulous cars from the same era!!  It’s like sewing with a ’57 Chevy!  😊  And it’s so tiny and cute but don’t let that fool you!  Despite its diminutive size, the Bell Sewing Machine is a full function sewing machine that was clearly never meant to be a toy, but a proper sewing machine for household use and for use when traveling.  There is an attachment for every sewing need!  It appears that all the parts and pieces are included.  I did plug it in, the light came right on, the motor works and the needle goes when the presser foot is pushed, but I’m sure it could stand a tune up!  The carry case is in very good condition, the latches still work fine, there are 2 keys included so that it can be locked.  The hinges do come apart, but I think this is on purpose so that one side of the case can be used to sit the machine in to sew.  They go right back together and the case can be closed.  This is a beautiful piece for display, but it could certainly be used!  There are videos available with instructions on how to sew with this machine, how fun would that be??

PS There is a little button (I found by accident!) that you push and the plate under the needle comes right up and ta-da!  Access to the bobbin!  


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