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1945-1949 Casige Toy Sewing Machine, Fairy Tale Model 121 (#4)

Measures:  6.5” tall, 7” wide, 4” deep

This is a very special edition of this sewing machine; it is quite rare and seems to be on the “most wanted” list for collectors!  There is a fairy on the front and what appears to be William Tell and his pup on the other side.  This machine was made by Casige in Germany in the British Zone following WWII during the Allied Occupation.  The logo is on the needle plate, an eagle with a key in its talons.  There is some minor paint loss, the decorations are still vibrant and highly visible.  The needle plate has some pitting, there is a needle in place.  The wheel does turn but there is a hitch which may be resolved with a spot of oil.  The base features some wonderful art deco graphics.  This is a really cute size to fit on a shelf or a desk!


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