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1940’s Molinard Paris Concreta Perfume Dice

Measures:  ½” x ½”

These vintage perfumes are presented in Bakelite dice!  These date to the 1940’s.  In 1925 Molinard created the first solid perfumes, called Concreta.  They were made of the actual wax from the flowers!  These tiny perfumes are cleverly disguised as dice and would fit nicely into a handbag, without leaking!  The scents are noted on one side of the dice:  Jasmin and Xmas Bells.  There is wax and scent in both dice, they are in very good condition!

"The genuine wax of the flowers, used directly as a perfume, Just a touch behind the ear, in the hair, on the eyebrows, on the linings of your coat, quite enough to be perfumed.", states a vintage Concreta advertisement.


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