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1940’s Enamelware Teapot and Teacups, Crocheted Potholder

Measures:  Teapot – 6.5” tall, 9” spout to handle.  Cups – 2” tall, 3” wide.  Potholder – 5.5” wide

This little group wasn’t found all together, and they don’t match perfectly but back in the day when these would have been used frequently folks used what was at hand. I can just picture teatime with Nana, the red teapot taking pride of place on the pretty little potholder and steaming tea being poured into the little cups….  The teapot is in very good condition, it could be used today.  There are a couple chips to the enamel on the cover and one on the spout, please see photos.  The cups are all showing signs of gentle use, with some chipping around the rims and some on the inside.  3 of the cups are marked “Sweden” on the bottoms, these have blue rims, one of the cups has a black rim and is very slightly larger. 


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