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1940s Clark’s O.N.T. Boilfast Sewing Thread Heavy Paperboard Store Display Case

Measures:  14” x 11” x 1.5”

This Clark’s store display case is made of very sturdy paperboard with a thick plastic sheet window. The price noted on the top is $0.05!  Inside are little bins for spools of thread. As most of these didn’t survive due to the fragility of the construction material, these cases are rarely found.  I believe this case was probably made in the 1940's, they would have used the paperboard instead of metal which was needed to support the war effort.  The case is beveled on the inside, the graphics are sharp and readable, “Clarks O.N.T. Mercerized Sewing Boilfast Thread”. The case is in overall very good condition and the spools of thread are included. There was an easel on the back for display, part of this has come away.

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