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1920’s Velvet and Silk Necklace Box, Presentation Box, “La Tausca Pearls”

Measures:  7” x 7.5”

This beautiful light green velvet box is heart shaped!  Perfect for a special gift!  The inside is lined with cream colored silk, the cover is stamped with gilt lettering “La Tausca Pearls”.  There are spots on the silk due to age, please see photos, the silk interior is not torn.  There is no smell, I always check 🙃.  The velvet is in great condition, with some wear along the edges.  There is a place on the top where something was laid on it, this may fluff back though. I believe this is silk velvet.  La Tausca pearls were often a gift for brides to wear on their wedding day.  The trade name was in use from around 1915 by three different companies, all in Providence, RI. 


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